Welcome to Motorcycling!

Total Rider is one of the oldest and largest MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) schools in the great state of Texas, and has taught over 30,000 students since its humble beginnings in 2000. We have multiple locations and classes servicing the Central Texas area, and our staff of dedicated instructors share many decades of riding and teaching experience.

We’re proud to be one of MSF’s best training facilities, and take the utmost care in helping new and return motorcyclists prepare for the joy and satisfaction of street riding. And, while we don’t guarantee that everyone will pass an MSF course — motorcycling is indeed a learned skill — know that our coaches will do their level best to teach you how to ride.

For new riders, TR offers the state-mandated Basic (BRC) Rider Safety course required for all beginning motorcyclists. We also offer the Intermediate (BRC2) one-day course to experienced riders looking to further their riding skills. Both courses award a certificate of completion to successful students, in order to earn the coveted “M” endorsement on their Texas driver’s license.

Total Rider sincerely believes that skilled riding is the best riding, and offering our customers this knowledge is why we’re in the business. We sincerely hope that you enjoy your riding course experience, and take with you the true art of motorcycling safety for years to come.