Advanced Riding Techniques (ART)

Advanced riding techniques experienced riders police training king of cones total rider buda south austin taylorAre you ready to master the “ART” of advanced riding?

ART advanced riding total rider austin texas learn to ride police harley buda south austinTotal Rider’s Advanced Riding Techniques course is offered specifically to seasoned riders with a lot of miles in the saddle and are up for a real challenge. ART instructors provide students real-world riding experience with advanced techniques on turning, braking, and cornering in a safe, closed-course environment. For a taste of what we mean, check out this vid>

The course is approximately 8 hours (with breaks for lunch and snacks) and is designed to help riders become comfortable with how their motorcycles —as well as themselves!— will react in different scenarios.  ART is based on the multi-day Police Motorcycle Training course, only condensed into one exciting, fun-filled day of training!

Note: ART is designed especially for “cruiser-style” bikes… Harley’s, ‘Wings, Victories, baggers, etc. Sport bikes, while fun on the track, are really not ideal for ART due to their limited acute-turning ability.  Of course, we won’t turn you away if you insist, but realize the difficulty level will be quite challenging.

Meet your instructor – Tim Sandelovic

Tim Sandelovic ART instructor msf total riderTim is a native Texan and has been riding motorcycles for 30+ years in one way or another. He started out at a young age riding and racing dirt bikes, then transitioned over to sport bikes and road raced for many years. While racing, he began a career that paid him to ride motorcycles daily. (Yes, that’s right, he was paid to ride a motorcycle everyday!) During this time, he earned his certificates/licenses and became a nationally certified MSF RiderCoach, a certified Police Motorcycle Instructor, as well as a Race Instructor (road racing). Recently retired, Tim now focuses solely on instructing.

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ART Course Components: 

• Advanced Riding Skills —approximately 8 hours training in one day. (Non-MSF course)


You must be an experienced rider with at least six or more current and consistent months operating a motorcycle, or 3000 or more recent miles under varying conditions. 

You must already possess an M endorsement on your license.  If you don’t have an M license, we can help you fix that! (See our MSF courses here )

You will train on your personal ride… as long as you possess proper documentation, your bike is in very good working order, and can pass an onsite inspection (see Personal Motorcycle Usage below)TR does not supply training bikes for this class.

You need a firm commitment to attend your class on time, ready to learn. We strongly suggest arriving a few minutes early… because getting stuck in traffic is not only a bummer, but can also lead to you being booted out of class :(.  Please review our policies here.

Upon arriving to your class, you must have these 3 documents with you:

  1. A completed, printed Total Rider Course Waiver.  TR nor the instructors will be responsible for any student injuries or damage to any motorcycle as a result of this course.
  2. A valid driver’s license with M endorsement (out of state is okay). 
  3. Documentation showing insurance coverage and registration. If the bike is not yours then written permission from the owner matching the registration and insurance is required.

Also, your bike must display a current inspection sticker and be maintained in good condition.  This class includes an emergency braking exercise, therefore the braking system MUST be properly maintained. Motorcycles will be inspected by the instructor before being allowed on the riding course.

… and, you must bring the following riding gear:

  1. Long sleeve Shirt or Jacket
  2. Full-length, non-flared Pants (jeans are great… just no bell bottoms and no holes!)
  3. Over-the-ankle Boots (no tennis shoes allowed)
  4. Protective Eyewear, prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses
  5. Full-finger Gloves (leather preferred – latex surgical gloves are NOT considered gloves)
  6. A helmet (must be DOT approved and 5 or less years old).

Also, remember to bring snacks, a lunch, and LOTS of cold water or hydrating beverages… especially in the HOT Texas summers!  Click here for a nifty, printable check list.

Personal Motorcycle Usage Requirements

  • Present proof of vehicle ownership, current registration and insurance
  • Prove your bike can pass the TCLOCS Pre-Ride Inspection Checklist. Arrive at least 15 minutes before class so your RiderCoach has time to inspect your motorcycle and credentials
  • Arrive with a FULL tank of gas

NOTE! Due to the advanced nature of the skills being taught in this course, please be aware there is a possibility that you may drop your motorcycle during an exercise. We strongly suggest covering any items that may get scratched with some kind of protection, eg. engine guards, frame sliders, crash bars, tank covers, or any other type of protective device.

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