How to Schedule Your Class

Total Rider Offers Two Distinct MSF Classes: (both offer M endorsement)

  1.   ■ Basic BRC for beginners with little or no experience, and consists of a 5-hour online eCourse and approx. 11 hours of riding spread over two days.
  2.   Intermediate BRC2 for experienced riders who are confident operating a motorcycle in a street setting, and consists of a 4-hour online eCourse and approx. 6 hours of riding… all in one day.

Not sure which class to take?… read this first!

We provide training bikes for all classes

Okay, Let’s Schedule Your Class!

  1. Select your desired MSF Class, Date, and Location from the menu below.
  2. Click on “Info” button for important details regarding your class before booking.
  3. Click the “BOOK” button and proceed with registration.
  4. Receive an email from us. After booking your class, you will receive a super important email with Subject line: “Booking confirmed – Total Rider”SAVE this email! as it contains vital info about your eCourse, class location, address, dates, times, and what you are required to bring to class.

We recommend you review our Terms & Conditions, as there are specific requirements and policies you agree to before taking an MSF class. If you have a physical or learning impairment, please read this FAQ.

Total Rider accepts most credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal.   

Our next month’s schedule is typically posted mid-month.