What’s up with the eCourse, and how do I know I’m taking the right one?

Completing the MSF eCourse is the first step toward learning to ride.
This online, interactive component now takes the place of an actual classroom setting, and is completed on your own computer, tablet, or smart phone… on your own time. It’s a great learning tool, and a great way to gain expert knowledge of motorcycling.

Pro Tip 1: Do not go directly to MSF’s website and take their “public” version of the eCourse! Not only will you be taking the incorrect eCourse for your specific class, you’ll also be wasting your hard-earned money… plus, it’s already included as part of your TR class fee. (see Step 1 below for more about this)

Pro Tip 2: The eCourse takes a few hours to complete (about 5 hours for BRC, 4 hours for BRC2), but you don’t have to do it all in one sitting. You can take breaks, watch a movie, visit your mom, whatever… then resume where you left off. Just make sure you arrive to your first class with a printed Completion Certificate… or you will not be able to participate in rider training 🙁

Step 1. Complete the eCourse Before Attending Your First Class.
After booking a class, you’ll receive a confirmation email from us that contains a link to a secure TR webpage, where you’ll find detailed information about how to access your online eCourse —including a custom link to the appropriate “ePackage” registration page on MSF’s website— for your specific rider course. 
There are two distinct eCourses, depending on the class you’re enrolled in:
  1. Basic BRC ePackage 1 is a 5-hour online course that begins by addressing Level I beginner topics covered in the BRC Rider Handbook. The second half of ePackage 1  addresses Level II content, focusing on human factors with self-assessment regarding values and choices. This interactive component provides the cognitive aspects of learning to ride in preparation for the range portion of the BRC.

  2. Intermediate BRC2 ePackage 2 is a 4-hour online course that integrates MSF’s Street Strategies and Human Factors into one seamless course. The BRC2 ePackage 2 addresses both Level I and Level II content. Level I content includes most of the topics in the BRC Rider Handbook about the basics of riding, but eliminates elementary content related to motorcycle controls and getting started. Level II addresses rider behavior with self-assessment as to values and choices, as well as the cognitive aspects of riding in traffic.

*Again, DO NOT go to the MSF website first and take their version of the “eCourse”… as you’ll end up wasting $20 bucks and have to take the darn thing all over again!

Step 2. Print Your eCourse Completion Certificate, Ready to Hand In.
All students are required to hand in a printed, hardcopy ePackage 1 or ePackage 2 Completion Certificate to their instructor on the first day of class. Sorry folks, but no printed certificate… no riding… and digital/phone pics are not acceptable at this time.

NOTE: Successfully completed eCourses (and certificates) are valid for a maximum 30 days*, so make sure you don’t take the eCourse more than thirty days out from the date of your first TR class. (*If your certificate is expired, you will have to re-take the eCourse by logging back into MSF’s website and checking the “Start new attempt” checkbox. Re-takes are free, and at no additional charge.)
Acceptable Completion Certificates will look like either of these two:

msf epackage 1 ecourse certificate total rider

Basic BRC “ePackage 1” sample certificate

msf epackage 2 ecourse certificate total rider

Intermediate BRC2 “ePackage 2” sample certificate

**NOTE:  eCourse certificates are NOT accepted as a license waiver by any state department of motor vehicles, nor as a license to ride a motorcycle or a learner’s permit.