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We truly hope you have had a great experience with our coaches and staff, and enjoy many years of safe, happy riding. Total Rider values its customer feedback, and appreciate you taking a minute or two to let us know how we can offer a better service. Please note that Total Rider does not share or sell its email list, and that your input is confidential to the company's owners.

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1. Which MSF class did you take?
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2. Which location did you attend?

3. RiderCoach Name(s)
4. Rate your RiderCoach's performance
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5. Anything you'd suggest that would make the MSF course more enjoyable, interesting, and/or easier to learn?
6. Surprise! There is no #6 question!

7. We're always trying to improve our online customer experience. Is there anything we could better regarding enrollment, course info, preparing you for class, etc., or making information easier to understand?
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11. Do you currently own a motorcycle?
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