The MSF eCourse

Here’s some important info regarding your online Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) eCourses. Please read this FAQ in its entirety, as it should answer most of your questions!

Remember, the eCourse will take a few hours to complete (about 5 hours for BRC, 4 hours for BRC2) and you’ll need to arrive at your first Total Rider class with a printed Certificate of Completion (or you will be dropped).

1. After booking your MSF class with Total Rider, you’ll receive a confirmation email from us with class information including how to access your eCourse. The Subject line will contain: “Booking confirmed – Total Rider”
This email will give you specific instructions on how to access the online eCourse, as well as a specific link to the eCourse registration page at the MSF website.
There are 2 distinct eCourses, depending on the class you enrolled in:
  1. Basic BRC eCourse ePackage 1 is a 5-hour online course that begins by addressing Level I beginner topics covered in the BRC Rider Handbook. The second half of the Basic eCourse ePackage 1  addresses Level II content, focusing on human factors with self-assessment regarding values and choices. This interactive, online component provides the cognitive aspects of learning to ride in preparation for the range portion of the BRC.  
  2. Intermediate BRC2 eCourse ePackage 2 is a 4-hour online course that integrates MSF’s Street Strategies and Human Factors into one seamless course. The BRC2 eCourse ePackage 2 addresses both Level I and Level II content. Level I content includes most of the topics in the BRC Rider Handbook about the basics of riding, but eliminates elementary content related to motorcycle controls and getting started. Level II addresses rider behavior with self-assessment as to values and choices, as well as the cognitive aspects of riding in traffic.
2. Your class-specific eCourse (BRC or BRC2) must be completed before coming to the first day of class with your printed certificate in hand. 

Upon completion of the eCourse, you will be able to print a completion certificate that is valid for 30 days. The eCourse must be completed within 30 days prior to the class start date. If you have completed an eCourse more than 30 days before the class start date, you must re-take the eCourse (you can re-take it for free) by logging back in and checking the “Start new attempt” checkbox.
**The MSF eCourse is NOT accepted as a license waiver by any state department of motor vehicles, nor as a license to ride a motorcycle or a learner’s permit.
3. Once you begin your online eCourse,  you don’t have to complete it in one sitting. You can do a little bit here and there, have some lunch, go f0r a walk, etc. then resume the course where you left off. Yay!

Does Total Rider offer discounts?

Total Rider is honored to offer a $25 discount to all active service men and women, veterans, and first responders. Use promotion code SERVICE when booking your class online, and be prepared to show your affiliated ID card during class.

Do you accept cash or checks?

Total Rider currently does not accept cash or checks at any of our locations.  Our coaches are not allowed to accept any form of payment. Period.

Our preferred payment method is credit, debit card or PayPal via our website.

Do you accept Paypal?

As of February 2017 we now accept PayPal as a way of paying for your course, in addition to credit and debit cards.