Can I use my own motorcycle?

  • BRC: No
  • BRC2: Yes  (see specific requirements for using your own motorcycle on the BRC2 course page)

We do NOT allow students to use personal motorcycles or scooters for the beginner BRC class.  Even though a personal bike may be small it is typically not geared for the constant low parking lot speeds and maneuvers, thus increasing wear & tear on the clutch and transmission components. Also, liquid cooled motorcycles don’t do well in a training environment, which also increases wear on the motorcycles.

If a student crashes a training motorcycle they usually are not as upset as they would be on their personal bike. Additionally, a mechanical failure on a personal bike could cause a safety problem on the range, resulting in the student being dismissed from the class. From a safety perspective, BRC students typically don’t have a motorcycle license, and we don’t encourage illegal or untrained riding.

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