What if the training motorcycle doesn’t fit me?

Occasionally a student will come to class who doesn’t feel comfortable on our training bikes because of height or fitment issues (e.g. their legs are too short, or too long, or their hands get tired because they’re too small, or they are using different muscles). Very rarely are our training motorcycles too tall or too small for the student. We use 125cc and 250cc motorcycles.

The shortest student we have trained was 4’6″ and weighed approximately 88 pounds.  The tallest was approximately 7’4″ and weighed 450 lbs.  Both of these students completed the course successfully on our training bikes. We use motorcycles with the lowest seat heights available and the lightest weights available.

If you are concerned about sitting comfortably on one of our training bikes please visit any of our dealer partners to sit on a comparable motorcycle before enrolling in our class, or contact us.  We can try and arrange an onsite visit during a class so you can sit on a motorcycle.

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